Lecture on 27th of January 2023

14th January 2023

Medicinal Bee Products

This is the topic of our first lecture this year, to which you are warmly invited. We are looking forward to new information and experience which an experienced beekeeper Mgr. Šárka Vávrová will share with us.

The lecture will take place in our Keith Morris Eco-centre “Krupárna” near Dobré on Friday 27th of January at 6 pm.

How can we use bee products to support our health? Did you know that honey and beehive air lowers blood pressure? Can we get rid of bronchitis without chemical drugs? Can bee products help get rid of anxiety? Can we learn to relax with the help of bees?


You can download the poster by clicking on it.

The admission fee is voluntary and A Rocha team are looking forward to you.

Lecture on 27th of January 2023 14th January 2023
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