A Rocha shows mushrooms in cooperation with CB and CEV Dřípatka

7th September 2015

1409_AR_vystava_hub_1k_3In the first half of September, there were three mushroom exhibition A Rocha. The first 4-7.9 2014 center Keith Morris Krupárna. Then he opened his interesting lecture outstanding Vamberk mycologist Václav Matejka. “Humiliation myths about mushroom” was the theme. For example, the participation of other mycologists. Vlada Spatny from Prachatice, Pavel Brůžek from Chocen, Peter Pokorny and others, we have identified to 252 species of fungi. The rarer findings included toadstool ježohlavá, lošákovec burning, bedla Konradova, Russula black and white and more. Smaller drawer in the choir of the Church of the Brethren in Nove Mesto nad Metuji assisted at the same time our mycologist A Rocha Petr Pokorny. Both shows were pretty visited by adults and children from schools.

1409_AR_vystava_hub_1k_2A week later, the huge turnout of visitors and over 600 people honored our three-day exhibition Prachatice. It was held in collaboration with the Environmental Centre CEV Dřípatka stylishly dressed in old cellars Prachatice Town Hall. The excellent climate for mushrooms collected. This exhibition was visited a number of hosts, especially from Germany, for example, was among the experts. Mr. Director Dr. Nagl of the Green Heart of Europe. And also our friends Bavarian Christian husbands and Liselotte Heinz Horsch. Those of us gathered together for an exhibition of mushrooms in the field and discover something of the “Czech mushroom passion.” Around 160 kinds of really attracted large crowds of Prachatic and surroundings. The interesting findings were again a few years ago as a club severed from Netolice area by Frantisek Rezek. Director AR brought from Husinec dam truffle looking and rather rare bellow sand, used in the Middle Ages for dyeing textiles.

1409_AR_vystava_hub_1k_8The exhibition was very successful and the visitors had a lot of questions and verified their views on jedlost and toxicity hub. The exhibition was beautiful and distribution calendar of Matejka and also on the coffee table with Christian literature “disappeared” to our delight series of children’s picture Bible or color information leaflets about the work of A Rocha. Prachatice school a lot especially praised the exhibition accompanying lecturing Vlada Spatny and director AR Pavel Svetlik. Both after a day of explaining and escorting visitors almost only “whisper”. But the joy and satisfaction of all eventually exceeded.

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