The mushroom exhibition

1st December 2013

The Prachatice region (South Bohemia, close to the NP Šumava) and the foothills of Orlické hory (East Bohemia)

2013_09_vystava_hub_06Two exhibitions of mushrooms and toadstools were traditionally organized in September by A Rocha Czech. The first one was prepared along with the Environmental Centre Dřípatka in Prachatice. The following images were taken there. This September, the Šumava forests were full of mushrooms, as far as both the number of species and the quantities are concerned.

2013_09_vystava_hub_05Participants of the Prachatice exhibition got involved in lively discussions about the mushrooms found in the local forest. Getting ready for both exhibitions, Pavel Světlík picked some specimens of the most toxic and dangerous fungus in our country as well as in the whole world, the death cup, Amanita phalloides. Hundreds of them were to be found at the dam near Husinec.

One photo shows specimens picked in Arnoštov village. The other picture was taken during our short visit to our precious South Bohemian friend, Prof. Dr. Vlasta Kroupová.

Mycologists from Prachatice and East Bohemia brought together and identified more than 200 species of fungi, while about thirty other species remained unidentified (mainly from the large and difficult families of Cortinarius and Russula). On Friday morning, the exhibition at Keith Morris Centre was visited by the local Primary and Nursery Schools and by friends from the Polish town of Radkow.

logotyp CZ-PL a symboly EU s texty (plnobarevne s prechodem)

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