The valley sings

1st June 2014

140621_Traband_1This time, no singing birds, especially robins and thrushes dominant. They seemed concealed breath for two hours. But resonant music and songs of Traband. Saturday’s concert at the ecological center in Krupárna good at Dobrušky in the picturesque valley of the Golden Stream in a place called Krupárna. Performances attracted 260 participants. And to all ages. Thirty of them came from the Polish Radków. More from surrounding villages, others need from Venice over Jizerou, Pardubice and elsewhere.

140621_Traband_3A Rocha – Christians in Conservation organized this concert, co-financed by the Operational Programme CBC CZ-PL 2007-2013 in cooperation with the Polish Radkow in the framework of the project entitled Together for people and nature.

logotyp CZ-PL a symboly EU s texty (plnobarevne s prechodem)

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