Volunteering in Africa

30th October 2022

A Rocha – Christians in nature conservation are warmly
inviting you to Kateřina Rozínková’s talk

Hi! My name is Káťa Rozínková and I recently graduated from college. And then I went to Africa! Why?
My goal wasn’t just to get to know a 3rd world country, I went to Uganda in the first place to work in a children’s hospital.
What’s life like at the equator?
How much difference is there between doctors here and in Uganda? And what are the things one should prepare for when volunteering in a developing country?
How does this country work from the perspective of a young European woman? All this and more you can learn on To vše a ještě více se dozvíte v Friday the 11th of NOVEMBER 2022
from 7 pm in the Keith Morris Eco-centre  from 7 pm in the Keith Morris Eco-centre – Krupárna – Dobré 85

entrance fee voluntary

www.arocha.cz; tel.: 775 042 228

download a poster here, or click on the thumbnail on the left

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Volunteering in Africa 30th October 2022
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